What Is An “Affiliate”?

The word "Affiliate" can mean different things to different people, and in different contexts.

At Chinavasion, "Affiliate" means a member of our Chinavasion Affiliates Program.

The Chinavasion Affiliates Program is a system that allows you to do online marketing promotion of Chinavasion, its services, or its products, and get paid commission for the orders you refer. It is an online marketing reward system.

To become a Chinavasion Affiliate you need to read the introduction and then join our Affiliates Guide.


What Does "Affiliate" NOT Mean At Chinavasion?

  • The Affiliates Program has nothing to do with Drop Shipping. Drop Shipping means Chinavasion will send your orders directly to your customers so you can sell a wide range of products without holding any stock. All Chinavasion Reseller Accounts are permitted to start Drop Shipping, and membership of the Affiliates Program has no relation to participation in Drop Shipping, or vice versa.
  • "Affiliate" does not mean "Distributor". If you are interested in being a distributor for Chinavasion products, we grant all registered Resellers the right to sell or "distribute" the products. We don’t currently grant exclusivity for any products or any country. The membership of the Chinavasion Affiliates Program and the Chinavasion Registered Reseller main shop membership are separate and you can be a member of either, or both. If you buy products at Chinavasion for yourself or for resale, you will not be paid affiliate commission on those orders.


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