Tips For Getting Your Shareasale Signup Approved

Although it would be wonderful if affiliate programs could accept all affiliates, that’s not always the way it works. The problem is not that affiliate programs don’t want your help, because they do. If all affiliates followed the rules, there would be no good reason to reject anyone. Unfortunately, there are affiliates who choose to bid on keywords that are not allowed, who use email spam, or who use extremely low quality sites to promote offers, so companies have to be careful that the affiliates who join their program will not harm their brand.


Understanding the Registration Process

Before you can join the Chinavasion Affiliates Program, you need to join the affiliate network

Shareasale will independently consider your application: this is not part of a Chinavasion process. So you need to make sure your application is correct in the eyes of the reviewers. If your application is not successful for any reason, we can offer advice but we cannot approve you. The approval is up to Shareasale.


Approval Tips

  1. Use only full, truthful information
  2. Write all your information in English
  3. Enter a website that you own and ensure the link leads to a primarily English language page on your website
  4. Enter your contact email address not some free email provider
  5. Fill in a unique description in your "promotional methods" box. [see below]

If your country is not available, the only way around that is to find a friend, family member, or representative in an approved country who can sign up on your behalf, and possibly receive commissions on your behalf.

If your application is rejected, simply look at the reasons specified by Shareasale and try again.

If your application is refused again, forward the rejection email from Shareasale to us at and we will offer you comments.


Promotional Methods

When you sign up for any new Shareasale merchant, you’ll see a box that asks for your promotional methods. While you don’t need to give away all your trade secrets, you should definitely consider adding a few sentences here. This is especially important in cases where it may not be obvious from your Shareasale profile.

When you’re filling this out, there are a couple of things you should make sure you mention. First off, if you have a specific site that you’ll be using to promote the merchant, mention that. If you’ll be building a special site just for this promotion, let them know that, too. You should also let the merchant know what promotional method you’ll be using. If you’re a PPC affiliate who buys keywords from search engines like Google and Yahoo!, let them know. You can share keywords if you want to, but don’t feel pressured to share that information if you’re not comfortable doing so. Just share enough information that the affiliate manager will be able to get a general idea of what you’ll be doing.

You should also make sure that the websites listed in your Shareasale profile are accurate and up-to-date. If you’re applying to programs and the affiliate managers decide to check out your site, it won’t look good if the page is broken or no longer around. If you use multiple sites, try to list a good variety of sites in your profile so it will be obvious to the affiliate manager that you work in a number of different niches. If it looks like you have just one site listed and it’s about food, a technology or clothing merchant might not see how their company fits in with your business and they could dismiss your application unnecessarily.


Limited vs Full Shareasale Membership

Something else you should consider is that Shareasale has two types of membership: limited and full. Until you have received your first payment from Shareasale, you will be considered a limited member. Once you’ve been paid once, you will become a full member and that distinction will be made on your profile.

Many other merchants have a habit of declining invitations from limited members, so it’s best to become a full member before applying to too many programs. Just get started by promoting merchants who use auto approve and once you’ve gotten your first payment, you’ll be a full member and you can start applying to more. At the start of your affiliate career it is best to choose only one program and focus on promoting it, so you get to know the keywords, metrics, products, and likely customers of this business. Once you have your special methods working, you can expand to try them with other merchants.

Any Limitations From Chinavasion’s Side?

At Chinavasion, we try to be very generous with the approval process. Anyone can sign up to our Program inside Shareasale, and everyone will get instant approval. This makes it easy to start making money almost instantly. In fact, the only significant limitation is that you can’t bid on trademarked terms that include “Chinavasion”, “”, or “China vasion”. That’s because customers who are searching for those terms already have awareness of Chinavasion and they are not new customers. Full details of our PPC keyword restrictions are updated here.

In order to maintain the quality of our service for existing high-level affiliates, we restrict approval for using the Chinavasion datafeed to only high quality affiliates with proven commissions earnings or strong reputation in other merchant programs.