The Affiliates’ Guide to Chinavasion Customers

If you’ve already done the math, you may have realized that you won’t get too far with the Chinavasion affiliate program if you’re struggling to make scattered $50 sales with a 6% commission. Even still, top Chinavasion affiliates are making thousands of dollars. That’s because they’ve learned that the real secret to making money with Chinavasion is in referring the customers who come back again and again. To help you do the same, we’ve put together a list of the types of customers Chinavasion typically sees, and how you can drive the best customers through your affiliate links.

  • The Internet Shopper – These are your every day, average customers.who may buy one or two items. Although Chinavasion is happy to work with these kinds of customers, they are often one-time customers and the commissions are usually a bit small.

  • The Gadget Freak – Gadget Freaks are high-maintenance customers who are extremely demanding in terms of questions asked prior to purchasing. Although they often become repeat buyers, the fact that they tend to make small purchases of just one or two items makes them less desirable for affiliates.

  • The Wannabe – If you have spent much time around “work from home” communities, you are probable familiar with this type of individual. These are people who want desperately to earn their own income and become entrepreneurs, but they usually don’t have the drive to follow through. They take up a lot of everyone’s time and advertising money pretending, though. As an affiliate, you’ll want to think of ways to get the attention of legitimate businesses without spending too much money getting traffic from wannabes.

  • The PowerSeller – This title refers to moderate to high volume sellers on auction sites like eBay. These are great customers to refer as an affiliate because you will continue to get commissions for as long as your cookie is on their computer and they are placing orders.

  • The Shop Owner – These customers are typically people who have their own brick and mortar shops or stands. They typically place larger orders and they are excellent repeat customers. Although it may be a little more challenging to locate these customers, larger commissions make it worth the effort.

  • The Ecommerce Site – Many ecommerce stores actually purchase their products from Chinavasion either through bulk orders or drop shipping. Either way, referring a successful ecommerce site owner through your affiliate link is a surefire way to earn healthy commissions.

  • The Dinosaur – These are customers whose needs are often better served by directly contacting factories and arranging extremely large container load shipments. Although their order sizes could potentially be quite large, the fact is that these sales often take a very long time and frequently fall through because Chinavasion is a wholesaler, not a manufacturer. As such, prices are higher than a manufacturer (but Chinavasion does not have such large purchase requirements).

By understanding these types of customers, you’ll be able to more effectively drive your marketing towards the type of customers who are most likely to work for you. If you have any questions, or if you’d just like to discuss some of your ideas, please feel free to contact us.