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Hi, this is George from

I want to tell you very quickly about a great opportunity which will immediately let you

Monetize your forum signature

You’ll see quite a few forum posters who are already renting their forum signatures to webmasters for SEO. I think you can make more money immediately with the affiliate opportunity I’m about to explain to you…

First of all, what is Chinavasion? Chinavasion is the leading consumer electronics wholesaler on the web. Search for "wholesale electronics" on Google and you’ll find us right up there at the top. We provide the world with hi tech gadgets directly from China. Our biggest customer bases are in North America, Europe, and Australia, but really every country in the world is going crazy right now for Cell Phones, Car Stereos, Media Players, Solar Phone Chargers, LED Light Bulbs, Radio Controlled Spy Camera Cars…. I can’t list everything, you have to go and check out the website – – It’s a gadget-lover’s dream and a real revolution in letting everyone in the world easily access the China market at these wholesale discount prices.

Through our Affiliates Program you can earn 6% commission on the product value of referred orders.

But what I want you to have a look at today is our second tier affiliate tracking. If you’re active in the world of internet marketing and affiliate websites, you’re really in a unique position to influence new affiliates who are out there looking for high-earning new programs.


You will get paid for referring good Affiliates.


If you go out there, and start referring new affiliates to the Chinavasion program, you’re going to be earning 1% second-tier commission on all the orders they refer, forever.

Let’s look at an example.


If a customer arrives at Chinavasion through an affiliate’s link and buys this Car DVD Player for $368.66 then the affiliate will receive 6% – $22 in commission.


If that affiliate "belonged to you" because he originally created the affiliate account after being referred by you, you will take 1% on his referred orders. So on that $368.66 order you will get 1% – $3.68


It may not sound like a lot, but consider your unique advantage for spreading the word in the affiliate marketing world. If you refer just 10 active affiliates who refer just 10 orders a month at the average order size of $300, your 2nd tier commission is $300 every month… not bad considering all you have to do is put one link in your forum posting signature and sit back.


PLUS considering you could refer a high performing affiliate and, through no extra work, earn ten times that much.


There’s no cost or risk to yourself to try this out.


All you need is a Paypal account to receive your commissions every month.


Just put your affiliate link in your forum signature and try it out for a couple of weeks. Using the Chinavasion affiliates dashboard you can immediately see when you referred sales, or when the affiliates you referred made sales, giving you 2nd tier commissions.


Three steps:

1. Go to, click "Login/Sign Up" and create your account
2. Grab your affiliate id in your account area
3. Tag your affiliate id on the end of any link to or our affiliates pages.


For instance, if your affiliate id is 5540

your link to the Car DVD Player we talked about is:


Or, as I am recommending, if you want to promote the Affiliate Program and get your 2nd tier commissions effortlessly, link to

(That page is actually a duplicate of our main page but for system reasons if you link directly to the page content doesn’t show correctly, although the cookie still sets successfully the page content doesn’t show correctly, although the cookie still sets successfully)


Remember to change that reference id to your own personal affiliate id.


If you’ve got any questions about how to make this work for you, contact me any time at

…and I’ll get back to you in one working day.


So, in conclusion:

  • You have a good place to put links in your forum signature
  • Everyone loves buying electronic gadgets
  • It’s easy, fast, and risk free to try this out
  • Test it and start earning money now

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  1. I want to working and learn ing in participation on your companies program? I have no money and have no jobs?But I have diploma certificate from agriculture to supporting me?thanks.

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