Manual Link Building

How To Build A Link To ANY Chinavasion Web Page

Manual link building is easy, and you can link to any Chinavasion page to collect commissions on your referrals.

Simply add the following to the end of any URL: ?ref=5540

IMPORTANT: "5540" is NOT YOUR affiliate ID – it is just used on this page as an example.

Check your affiliate dashboard to see your ID number

Examples For You To Grab

Here are some examples of links to important, highly converting landing pages on

In every example, replace “5540” with your own affiliate ID, to track the sales to your account.


For more automatic, easier link building, be sure to check out:


Linking To Search Results

Some URLs for Chinavasion pages already have ‘arguments’ (i.e. already has a question mark ?arg=value) in the URL. In these cases you have to append the affiliate ref with & as &ref=5540

searches for mobile phones
Your affiliate link would be:

Advanced Notes

  • Links without a channel ID will be tracked as clickthroughs on your default channel.
  • If you want to add a channel ID for a manual link, make a widget, note the channel ID number for your chosen channel, and insert it into the URL as &channel_id=2788 e.g.
  • You don’t need to worry about the trailing slash / in the URL, just keep the normal Chinavasion URL as it is and add on your ?ref=5540 – however you should not yourself add a trailing slash at the end of your affiliate link e.g. … would be wrong.
  • You can also link to Chinavasion’s subdomains, or in the same way described above and your cookie will be set. (You cannot currently set a cookie by linking to
  • To link to this area of the site, to encourage other people to become Affiliates "under" you (1% lifetime commissions) please use (change to your ID there) – That page is actually a duplicate of our main page but for system reasons if you link directly to the page content doesn’t show correctly, although the cookie still would set successfully.
  • Links which you built prior to October 2008 using the older “banner maker” etc will still work fine.

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    As for my co-operation with you, I do have a problem with my Paypal account, I cannot receive payment through paypal, as Saudi Arabia is not included to their commercial programme regions. In this connection, we do need to exchange idea as how to find the easiest way to get payment passed from you easily and safely.
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