Email List Building for Affiliates

Building an email list is something that a lot of affiliates ignore or overlook completely, but it can be an extremely valuable tactic for long-term success. When you’re buying traffic, you pay for each click or view and you get their attention for that short time period that you’ve paid for. If you gather email addresses, though, you get an almost entirely free way to keep in touch indefinitely.

The downside to email marketing is that it can be time consuming and a little slow in the beginning. It takes a while to build up a sizable list. That downside is probably why so many affiliates never get around to starting. A program like Chinavasion is ideal for someone who wants to build an email list, though, because many Chinavasion customers are business owners who continue to make purchases for a long time after their initial purchase.

Here’s how it works. First, you sign up with an emailer like aWeber or Mailchimp. Mailchimp is particularly beginner friendly because it’s free until your list reaches 500 members. Your provider will give you code that you can embed in your web page to give users a place to sign up for your list. If you want to sweeten the deal and get more signups, offer some kind of free mini guide or report. It’s a time-tested method used by thousands of other marketers.

You’ll also need to have some kind of focus to your list. Users want to know what it is they’re signing up for. In this case, it could be a list for gadget fanatics, or better yet, a list for small retailers who are looking for products to offer their customers. Retailers are likely to make many repeat purchases once you get them in the habit of shopping with Chinavasion.

Once you get your list built, you can email them with messages about new products, tips to help their business, or even similar promotions that you feel would appeal to that audience. The possibilities are endless once you have an easy and affordable way to correspond with your target audience.