How Much Do I Earn?

You will earn 6% commission
on the products value of every
completed order you refer.


….the highest commission rate of any online wholesaler, only available here at Chinavasion Affiliates.


…average number of visitors who stay on Chinavasion to check out products after landing from your referred clicks.


…the average order size you’ll be referring.


…the money you’ll earn on a single $2500 order (wholesale buyers make big orders)

30 d

…days a web visitor is tracked as "your" customer for commissions


…the 2nd tier commission you get from other affiliates’ earnings


Key Information About Commissions:

  • You can see in your account exactly how many sales you’ve referred, and how much commission you earned.
  • You will be paid in US Dollars direct to your Paypal account.
  • After you’ve earned over $50 in commissions, you’ll get paid your full balance on the monthly payday.
  • Unpaid commissions (if your balance is under $50) will be carried over to the next month until you get paid.