Chinavasion Affiliates Program: Wholesale Consumer Electronics

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As a Chinavasion Affiliate, you get paid 6% commission on all valid orders you refer.
The amount of money you can earn is only limited by your marketing imagination!

Chinavasion Affiliates Program Benefits

  • Easy to start, automatically create your links
  • Open to affiliates in all countries, easy to get paid
  • Chinavasion ships worldwide so there are marketing opportunities everywhere you look
  • Full Chinavasion product datafeed
  • Instant approval to join the Chinavasion program, no need to wait to get started
  • Banners and text links to grab immediately
  • New awesome hi-tech products to promote added to every week
  • Very few PPC restrictions, go Adwords / YSM crazy!
  • Upload videos to You Tube or Vimeo and take advantage of their massive traffic to earn more commissions!


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The Chinavasion Affiliates Program is exclusively available
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*Being a Chinavasion Affiliate is related to internet marketing for Chinavasion, not connected with authorization to be a seller of the Chinavasion products. See here for more detail about the difference between Affiliates and Resellers/Dropshippers.